If you own a old house or a plot in South Delhi / Gurgoan, collaborate with us to have a beautiful lifestyle with immediate returns. When the owner of the house gets into a agreement with the Builder to allow him to dismantle the existing house and rebuild it for his own mutually agreed terms and conditions is called collaboration.

Our Offering in Collaboration

► WorldTrust will construct independent builder floors on your plot at its own expense in exchange for a floor/floors in the newly built home.

► WorldTrust guarantees on-time delivery and one year warranty for all its properties.


► WorldTrust will take care of all the aspects of home building like design, approvals, and construction to make the plot owner’s experience hassle-free.

Deliverables in Collaboration

► A new home & lifestyle with modern amenities, structural longevity, and more space.


► Professional team and smooth processes for each step make the home construction process WorldTrusta happy experience.


When the owner of a house gets into an agreement with the builder to allow him to dismantle the existing house and re-build it for him on mutually agreed terms and conditions, it is called collaboration.

Evidently, the two parties will enter into such an agreement only if it is beneficial to both of them. The owner gets his old house transformed into a brand new well-built house. Instead of his one or two-story house, he gets four floors plus a parking area and/or a basement.

The builder undertakes to build the house at his cost and in return gets a floor or two in the building based on the mutual understanding between both the parties. The builder sells his share of the property, out of which he takes out the cost of construction and makes his profit.

The owner gets a new house, a bigger house and without having to spend on it or having to build it himself. No wonder a large number of houses are being brought down and rebuilt, so much so that multiple owners of houses are also going in for collaboration.


If you are the owner of an old house that needs repairs and renovation, you may not have the means to carry out extensive repairs. You have already done patchwork repairs which have not solved your problem. In such a scenario, collaboration is the best option you have, because:

  • It is affordable and convenient.

  • You can stay in Delhi and need not move out to the outskirts in the National Capital Region.

  • You can enjoy the benefits of community living, such as security, lift, power back-up etc and still enjoy the privacy of an independent flat.

  • You can live in a brand new well-constructed flat without going through the hassle of building it yourself.




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